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There are many great training techniques that may be extremely helpful for any hockey player looking to increase performance. However, the integration of the exercises chosen is what makes the difference between a successful program and a Men's health training routine.

Single leg dead lift:
A great core and stability exercise, as well as, a great way to incorporate bilateral training and focus on individual sides. A regular Dead lift is also a great exercise for straight power through the body.

Heavy Kettlebell swing:
Hockey is based of power. Hip speed and mobility allows for the greatest hits, most efficient stride, highest velocity shot, athletic movement is based of the hips. Kettlebell training in general is great for hockey training, but a heavy kettlebell swing is a great way to develop all aspects of the game.

Medicine ball rotational slam:
Weight transfer, is often an underrated ability. Medicine ball rotational slams may help with shooting power, hitting and accepting hits. Moving with the ball, transferring weight, understanding how to generate the most power in your slam through full range of motion, if applied properly will take your game to another level.

Boxing is the ultimate sport of movement. Each punch thrown is based of the last. Understanding how to be efficient is the name of the game.  Learning to throw punches effectively and efficiently forces the athlete to learn how to load properly, turn the hips and transfer the weight, connect and then without missing a beat repeat. Reaction time is another great benefit!

Pull chop press :
A great core exercise and another great exercise to focus on proper weight transfer. Instead of sit ups and crunches try this Athletic exercise.

There are many great exercises but there are also a wide range of not so great exercises. When training for Hockey or sport, weight transfer, stability and power are essential.

Written by Kirill Vaks BA, CSCS, ACSM-cpt, NFPT-sns, Fitness specialist


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