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Strength & Conditioning Articles 2017-2018


During my career as a strength and conditioning coach, I always was mindful of the fact that I was part of a multi-disciplinary team, athletic trainers, sports psychologists and nutritionists just to name a few. Sometimes, in some situations I have had to wear all those hats at once and when it comes to nutrition, I would like to pass along the following concepts. Please know that these concepts are basic and broad and if you have the means to work with a sports nutrition professional, please do.

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While going through some old notes, I came across a list of ten concepts that I learned as I was just starting in the game.  This list is a shorthand version of things that have helped me stay at the top of my game.  Simple and concise and truly believe that if followed will go a long way in helping you become the athlete you are working to be.

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There are many great training techniques that may be extremely helpful for any hockey player looking to increase performance. However, the integration of the exercises chosen is what makes the difference between a successful program and a Men's health training routine.

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So, you say you want to get better, do better, I ask just what are you doing to make that happen? If you honestly say “nothing” this piece is for you. Let’s talk procrastination, this concept can keep you from addressing issues that may get in the way of you achieving goals you say you are working towards. “I’ll do it later”, tends to give people a false reassurance it will get done, so you can put the task you are avoiding out of your mind.

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