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With the season officially over, just wanted to get some random thoughts off my mind and maybe tie up some loose ends…

Is Cherokee the best coached team with loads of talent, or the most talented team with good coaches? Well 3 straight titles, Flyers Cup finals last 2 years, winning this year, probably strong leadership behind the bench and strong leaders on the ice. I’m sure the parents are really happy with all this success. And speaking of Flyers Cup, congratulations to Tim Holtz for being the lone South Jersey official in the championship game. Holtzie did the refs proud, never fell, or got hit with the puck, came close on one clearing though and only missed a few calls. One was rather obvious, but overall a non-factor. This is exactly what you want in a game of this magnitude.

Looking like only 3 Tier I teams next year, at this point, but a lot could happen. We are hearing Shawnee will not have enough players to stay at Tier I, league is looking at some possibilities. Looks like Tier II will be very competitive again next season. Thinking St Joe’s could move up to Tier II as most of their team is back next year, except for the goalie.

Unsung heroes for Chiefs, especially in Flyers Cup, John Cascio and John Bellardine. In an unofficial poll, best referee, Mike Molina. Although now that he just got married, that could change...

Best playoff game this year, Township-Moorestown, ending in a shoot-out, with the last shooter, Frank Hughes drilling his shot top shelf. Some rules we would like to see change, Tier 1 teams stacking their JVA team with top players. Finally, one record we don’t think that will ever be broken is that of Coach Steve Monahan, since joining Cherokee 3 years ago they have won the title with his presence behind the bench. And prior to that he was with Moorestown and they won 2 straight titles in Steve’s last 2 years there. Never in the forefront Coach Monahan demands hard work and respect from his players, and his accomplishments over the last 5 years we don’t feel will be duplicated. Thanks Coach.. And where have you gone Mike Cianfrani??

Written by Mike Costantino

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