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So, you say you want to get better, do better, I ask just what are you doing to make that happen? If you honestly say “nothing” this piece is for you. Let’s talk procrastination, this concept can keep you from addressing issues that may get in the way of you achieving goals you say you are working towards. “I’ll do it later”, tends to give people a false reassurance it will get done, so you can put the task you are avoiding out of your mind.

When you find, yourself procrastinating it’s best to start by identifying the cause of you doing so. Sometimes there are valid reasons as to why you are putting off the task, could be something we might not have to do. Maybe you have been meaning to revamp your nutrition program, or changing your training protocol, you figure, as long as you aren’t eating horribly, or that you’re still working out, you can cross these tasks off of your list of things to do. 

Sometimes, in order to get over this hump, we may need just a little more information, maybe a session or two with a conditioning coach is all that is needed to adjust your training protocol. A consultation with a nutritionist may work just as well. 

I have included some tips on how to move past procrastination, use them to your benefit…

  1. Fight procrastination and give it your best shot. Some people may feel as though they must be perfect in their attempt or not do it at all. This is self-defeating, perfection is an unobtainable goal.
  2. Do the best with what you have. Your training facility may not be state of the art, but there are pieces that can help you improve your game, talk with people in the know to see how you can repurpose some of the things available to you.
  3. Know there will be some boredom. As you settle in to your new way of life, the initial excitement may wane, but know that being consistent is its own reward. Don’t be afraid to commit yourself.
  4. Start Small. No need to work to make huge wholesale changes, start by making small meaning changes and grow as you go.
  5. Reward yourself. Do something nice for yourself as you start knocking out the goals you have set, this step is important, please don’t overlook it.
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