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Last night the league had a meeting with all the club reps to discuss the options for the upcoming 2020-2021 hockey season. First, as of now USA hockey is only allowing 25 people max in an ice rink. This includes 10 players from each team, one coach for each team, two referees, a scorekeeper and zero fans. Now this could change down the road, but that is the rule as it stands right now which would mean that the remaining skaters would have stay in the locker rooms. Not an ideal situation, but one we might have to accept.

The discussion went back and forth about canceling the season altogether to starting later, for example in January. The focus is EVERYONE’S safety. Not knowing what could happen down the road is a major concern, so what was ultimately decided was that we would meet again in October, see how everything is shaking out and then make a decision. Should there be a season, it would probably be shortened, depending on when we start. Another issue is the rinks, as a business they are looking for a commitment from the league, and with covid still a factor, what happens if we start the season and someone tests positive, and we have to shut down, then what? Therefore, proceeding with caution is the best way right now. Check back in October for another update.

Written by Mike Costantino

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