Showcase Roster 2010-2011

The SJHSIHL has released the roster for the Junior-Senior Showcase game to be played on Friday, January 28th at the Skate Zone in Voorhees. North Squad will be the home team and wear white and coached by Mike Sullivan of Cherokee. The South will be in the dark jerseys and coached by Mike Glick of Washington Township.  

North All-Star Roster

 Cherokee      Cinnaminson    Holy Cross        
 1.  John Quinlan      1.  Justin Nugent    1.  Steven Petitte  
 2.  Pat Mohnacs      2.  Kevin Rafferty    2.  Charles Quigley  
 3.  Dan Swartz      3.  Sean Joyce    3.  Trevor Alspach  
 Lenape      Moorestown    Shawnee        
 1.  Kyle Young      1.  Chris Carnivale    1.  Vince Tascione  
 2.  Charlie Magill      2.  Tyler Pederson    2.  Greg Nagy  
 3.  Zach Spear      3.  Alec Nicolai    3.  Robert Willwerth  
The North goalies are:
Dan Navarra-Cherokee
Tyler Griffis-Moorestown
Anthony Ianuzzi-Cinnaminson

South All-Star Roster

 Cherry Hill East      Clearview    Eastern        
 1.  Eric Simone      1.  Ed Moore    1.  Jordan Hutnik  
 2.  Jared Hand      2.  Alex Stewart    2.  Matt Herbert  
 3.  Dan Desrochers      3.  Eric Mitchell        
 4.  Tyler Caton      4.  Taylor Olson        
 Washington Twp      Williamstown          
 1.  Ed Sarin      1.  Jon Ruiz        
 2.  Jon Smith      2.  Jake Distasio        
 3.  Mike Cimorelli      3.  Kyle Parks        
 4.  Mike Lorence      4.  Mike Quigley        
 The South goalies are:
Ben Tice-Cherry Hill East
Brandon Cusumano-Washington Township
Dan Flaherty-Clearview

 Eric Mitchell was selected to the game but due to injury cannot play; he will be replaced by Matt Tarnopol. In addition alternates were selected for each team, in case a player cannot appear. From the North squad, Jason Spieker, John Silverio, John Ellison, Rob Churchill and Tyler Arcani. For the South Ben Basalma, Allan Haynes and Jon Smith.