Teams selected for the Junior/Senior Showcase

For the second consecutive year, a live draft was held to select the teams for the upcoming Junior Senior Showcase game to be held Friday, February 6th at the Skate Zone in Voorhees. Team Giroux was selected by Cherokee Coach McKay and Riverfront Coach D’Amato and Team Simmonds were selected by Washington Township Coach Glick and EEW Coach Pontonio. Team Giroux won the coin toss and selected Boomer Miller, Team Simmonds went with Cris Cozzan. Here are the rest of the players selected by team:

Team Giroux:
Forwards - Trevor Rucci, John Yedman, Matt Cozzan, Anthony Salvatore, Sam Belanger, Tristan Tilghman, Chris DeRose, Colin Riera, Dylan Richardson, Jake Pearlstein, Collin Miller
Defensemen - Dmitri Cirillo, Riley Griffith, Evan Rodgers, Jeff Todd, Frank Christy, Rocky DeMas and Chris Walters.
Goalies - Ryan McMahon, Zachary Burkhardt and Tim Papagno.
Alternates - Eric Goss, Kenny Weightman and Brandon Graham

Team Simmonds:
Forwards - Jake Lukis, Scott Veneziale, Sam Amon, Jimmy Pollock, RC Randall, Kyle Horner, Paul Petrongolo, Isaac Viereck, Justin Bryan, Brandon Balsama and Alex Churchill
Defensemen - Nate Foster, Kyle McGovern, Kevin Hall, Kyle Ringheiser, John McAvoy, Jason Fisch and Kevin Carr.
Goalies - Max Ramos, Steve San Martin and Nick Mattioli
Alternates - Dom Salerno, Alex Eberly and Travis Tuthill

Alternate Goalie - Mike Hughes - will be selected if either team has a goalie that cannot make the game.

Congratulations to all that were chosen.

Written by Mike Costantino