Junior-Senior Showcase Roster 2018-2019

The draft was held last night for the Junior-Senior Showcase game which will be held this Sunday night at the SkateZone in Voorhees at 7:25. Coach McKay from Cherokee won the right to pick first and he choose Jeremy Ambrose. Coach Glick selected Sam Libetti; it was the first time that 2 players from the same team, Cherokee were picked first by each team. Listed below in order are the teams, Team Simmonds is Coach McKay and Team Giroux is Coach Glick:

Team Simmonds:   Team Giroux:
Forwards:   Forwards:

Jeremy Ambrose

Conor Riley

Luke Dobbs

Sam Swain

Anthony Poppalardo

Ralph Triboletti

Jacob Findley

Steve Poulin

Tony Santa Maria

Tom Papa

Nicky Bellapigna

Steve Lento


Jake Frankenfield

Kevin Glass

Matt Kilkenny

Brendan Bainbridge

Kevin Wildish

Matt Owens


Mike Neal

Nick Manning

Chris Palko


Mike Liberty

Ryan Feast

Dillon Carmen


Sam Libetti

Andrew McGinley

Chase Dyar

Sam Berger

CJ Castorina

Matt Saavas

Enrique Espinosa

Pierce Wickenden

Anthony Lonasco

Elliott Schon

Bob Falese Jr.

Gavin Reagan


Anthony Tropea

Matt Kennedy

Charles Banquier

Jacob Holland

Steve Kanakaris

Ben Isakovich


Luke Martini

Ross Higgins

Shay Perry


Ian Plummer

Ron Fireman

Austin Wilk

Congratulations to all the players. Should a player not be able to make the game please notify your club or the league ASAP as we will need to call-up one of the alternates.

Written by Mike Costantino