This year for the Junior-Senior Showcase, the selection committee decided to name the two teams Team Oskar and Team Giroux. The home team, Team Giroux (players from Tier II), will wears their white jerseys from their team and Team Oskar (Tier I players) will be skating in their dark away jerseys from their team. Don't forget, the game will be played on Monday, February 3rd at the Voorhees Skatezone starting at 7:20PM.  The admission is $5. Here's the full list of players selected...

2019-2020 Selections for Junior-Senior Showcase

Team Oskar    Team Giroux
Forwards     Forwards  
Elias Sulpizio  Moorestown      Thomas Rockey  Clearview   
Kristopher Zapata  Eastern      Elliott Schon  Cherry Hill
Andrew McGinley  Wash Twp      Brady Swain  HLV   
Corey Owens  Kingsway      Ralph Triboletti  Mainland   
Jack Ellis  Cherokee      Samuel Mohnacs  HLV   
Samuel Byrd-Leitner  Moorestown      Calvin Aliferov  Cherry Hill
Kristian Massanova  Eastern      Christopher Geary  Clearview   
Darren Ambrose  Cherokee      Mike Henry  St. Joes   
Dave Hoftiezer  Shawnee      Tristian Laperrierre  Cherry Hill
Zachary Feliciano  EHT      Tyler Brosius  Clearview   
Nick Bellpigna  Kingsway      Bill Hershmann  PPACS   
Jacob Bianchi  Cherokee      Matt Fell  Riverfront   
Defensemen     Defensemen  
William Bahnak  EHT      Jacob Holland  Cherry Hill
Kevin Wildish  Moorestown      Jake Nole  Clearview   
Gavin Bastarache  Shawnee      Jacob Mahonics  HLV   
Vince Roustas  Eastern      Nolan Harring  Mainland   
Jacob Feliciano  EHT      Dylan Altomaomte  Cherry Hill
Giovanni Torrie  Wash Twp      Aaron Spuhler  Clearview   
Goalies     Goalies  
Kevin McGregor  Shawnee      Tyler Hudson  Mainland   
Andrew Lavdas  Cherokee      Ericka Nolfi  PPACS   
Jack Avis  Moorestown      Jacob Stone Cherokee   
Alternates     Alternates  
Harrison Rauh  Wash Twp      Connor Ogborn  Mainland   
Ethan Rauber  Eastern      Tyler Grey  HLV   
Ryan Feast  Shawnee      Mike Liberty  Mainland  

This year, we recorded the selection process. You can view it on our podcast page. It will be our season 3, episode 5 recording.