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Welcome to Episode #2, of the SJHSHL production of Mike & Mike, League President Mike Pontonio and SJIceHockey “Hockey Guy” Mike Costantino. Today’s podcast was recorded at Training Aspects in Voorhees. Mike and Mike will discuss the upcoming playoffs of Tier 1, playing 2/23 and maybe 3/2. If Eastern doesn’t pull a repeat, and Tier 2 playoffs beginning 3/8. Anything can happen during tournaments so they hesitate to make any early predictions.

Answering a few questions submitted to the site, they talked about the latest shootout between Eastern and Moorestown where they went through the entire bench. With the time involved in occasional events like this, the league will be reviewing the process for shootouts, revising it to save time.

Another question discussed was whether there would be a possibility of a combined championship between Tier 1 and Tier 2 divisions. Mike P. described the league goals of pure teams. Training Aspects co-owner Ki Vaks once played for the Cherry Hill East ice hockey team. He described Training Aspects’ personalized programs which include a diverse variety clients, from athletes to beauty pageant contestants. They help players get to their desired next level of play by focusing on strength and balanced movement and tailor a personal program based on the individual. Hockey players have a dedicated Hockey room where a special floor allows for working a training program wearing skates.

Ki stressed there is no charge for initial visits, getting to know each other is key to a successful personalized program, through evaluation and assessment of ability. Training aspects has no contracts, no pressure except your own personal goals.

Mike & Mike closed with the upcoming New Jersey/Delaware Flyers Cup, starting the week of 3/12. 

Finally, Mike C. invited Ki to get in a Sled for the Cherokee vs Wings of Steel sled hockey team fundraiser on 3/11 at the Skate Zone in Voorhees at 2:45. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds go to the Wings of Steel.

Stay tuned. Keep submitting your questions and look for our next podcast to be recorded with an audience!

Written by Joanne Costantino