Photo Purchasing Instructions

To obtain a copy of a photo, fill in the information below. If you are selecting a photo from the Gallery page, please use the photo ID number in the description.  This identification number indicates the month, date and game that was played in order to complete your order. You can include a print out of the page of the photograph, circle the photo on that page if there is more than one. If you can't print it out, fill in all of the information below including the article's date and the picture description. Send the printed page or the picture description along with $5 for 4x6 photos. If you are interested in purchasing an enlargement, send $10 for a 5x7, or $15 for a 8x10. Special orders larger than 8x10 can be purchased. Make checks payable to SJCMP. Include your name, address and phone number (email address if you want to be notified about your purchase status) and mail to the address below.

Street Address:
Photo ID#:

Prices: $5 (4x6), $10 (5x7), $15 (8x10), $20 (11x14), $25 (13x19) or $50 (11x14 Photo Collage)

Photographs will be delivered within 2 weeks. Any questions or issues, please send an email to

Make checks payable to SJCMP.

Mailing address:

Attn: - Photo Department
Suite #295
1134 S. Blackhorse Pike
Blackwood, NJ 08012

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