Player Profile

Andrew Carusone is another student who has big plans after graduating from high school. Andrew plays center and the wing for the Williamstown Braves and plans to become a business owner or lawyer after graduating from college. As for this year, he is now focusing on finishing out the regular season and preparing for the playoffs. If it was up to him, he would like nothing better to see his team playing Shawnee in the playoffs.

There have been quite a few different responses to the question of if there was one rule you would like to see changed, what would it be? “It would be the fighting rule. I think they should allow the players to fight. No one is going to get injured with helmets and gloves on”, mentioned Andrew. When asked about something interesting about himself, he responded with this. “I was born with a weird veil over my face. My Mom says it’s an Irish old wives tale that if you are born with this thing, you are destined for greatness. I don’t know. I’m still waiting”.

Andrew is a young man who likes all types of music, eats any kind of pasta, ravioli and stuffed shells. His favorite movie is The Departed. He admires his father and his favorite NHL player is Rod Brind’Amour from the Carolina Panthers. As for his best hockey moment, he wrote down playing in the Can’Am and breaking his wrist in spring hockey against Timber Creek just happened to be his worst hockey moment.