Player Profile

Harry Fryckberg plays defense for Eastern’s ice hockey team and is our second member of the Vikings being featured in our player profile section. Harry has been enjoying the success his team is having this season after Eastern stumbled out of the gate posting a 0-6 record. “It's funny because I remember in the beginning of the season after our first couple losses I would always feel that we were just lacking that one extra pass, that sixth sense that line mates generate”, mentioned Harry. “After a few games guys began to learn and anticipate where everyone would be on the ice. Once the team gelled we began our winning streak.”

Playing defense for Eastern, Harry’s favorite NHL player is defensemen Bryan Berard from the New York Islanders, a person who has excellent skating ability and someone who can run a power play. Harry’s hard working aggressive style is another attribute contributing to the team’s winning ways and is one of the reasons Eastern has been playing well right at the end of the regular season. When asked what motivates him before and during a game, here’s what he had to say. “My motivation before and during the game has to be my love for hockey. I just love being on the ice and I always try to have as much fun as possible.”

Harry really admires Bryan Berard and all of the accomplishments and tribulations he had to endure. He is a big fan of the movie Superbad, loves to eat buffalo chicken pizza while sitting down watching Lil’ Wayne and Slightly Stoopid. His worst hockey moment is anytime he deflects a puck into his own net but his favorite moment was going into the Philadelphia Flyers locker room and meeting the whole team at the age of eleven. To go along with that moment, there was a brief moment of excitement for Harry when the team almost was sanctioned by the high school. With big plans of majoring in the field of finance, Harry visions himself at a big corporation earning way over that six figure salary.

Harry always looks forward to playing in that big game especially against Cherry Hill East. “I just like it when a lot of people show up to watch us play. When a lot of fans watch it makes everything more exciting. Now if a few supermodels were to show up to a game, let's just say I wouldn't be too upset.” When asked how his family has supported him with his choice to play hockey, this is what Harry had to say. “I remember my Dad would always wake up and take me to games at 5:55 in the morning when I was 11. I really appreciate him for that. Now my Mom is another story. She always makes noise whenever something good happens. A couple other mothers joke with her saying she'll have to buy Skate Zone a new set of bleachers because she slams on them so hard.”