Player Profile

There are quite a few high school ice hockey players who picked Alex Ovechkin as their favorite NHL player. Defenseman Kevin Forson from Delran falls into this category because of Ovechkin's crazy skills and his unbelievable shot. “In his rookie year at Washington, I saw him go down the left wing at full speed against the Boston Bruins and roof a wrist shot opposite corner to the glove side. Ever since then, he has done nothing but become I think the best player in hockey”, stated Kevin. According to Coach Brian Caputo about his defenseman, “Kevin’s got a very unique ability. He is a defenseman on our team and will sometimes take the puck from goal line to goal line to try and set up plays anytime he has a chance to. He is a fast, physical player and won’t give up on the puck."

Kevin's career plans are to go to college, get an education, go out and get a well paying job and start a family. He plan to play hockey in college and maybe someday at least make a minor league team. Kevin started out by skating on roller skates at a young age and took lessons on how to skate. In the eighth grade, he finally decided to switch to ice hockey and participated in the “Edge of Excellence” skating camp with David Roy. That camp was the turning point in Kevin’s transition from roller hockey to skating on the ice. The camp had off and on ice training, skating techniques and instructors helping every step of the way.

With those skills, Kevin has help Delran during the regular season. “Delran had some ups and downs this year, but I think that we have come together as a team.” Coach Caputo added, "I think most of the success from Delran's season would have to do with how Kevin plays on defense. Kevin has the will to win and the desire to play good. He hates when he has a bad shift and wants to get right back out there to redeem himself. I'll never forget the second game of the season when we played against Timber Creek this year when we were down 6-3 in the 3rd period with 4 mins to go. Kevin had two very costly defensive mistakes for two of the last goals Timber Creek scored. When Delran pulled within 1 goal, I told Kevin to get out there to redeem himself and surely enough he did by scoring the game tying goal. He also had another game tying goal against Lenape in the final moments of the game."

That goal just happened to be one of Kevin’s most memorable shot. “My best hockey moment would have to be earlier in the season when I roofed a slap-shot against Lenape to tie the game with four seconds left. I had no where else to go but high and it worked perfectly.” His second best hockey moment was winning their Christmas tournament with Delran. As for his worst hockey moment, that would be anytime the pucks hits off of him and goes into his own net. A rule change or better description of would be the tripping call. “If you dive at a player and are clearly going for the puck and he trips, I don’t see why there should be a penalty.”

The person Kevin admires the most is his Dad because no matter what is going on, he always stays calm and tries to understand things before overreacting. “I admire that because in my life, I try to stay as patient as I can.” Kevin also recognizes his parents for their support and for getting a job at a roller skating rink. That was the start of his skating career. He loves to listen to rock music, watch his favorite movie “Old School”, likes to eat at Wendy’s (especially their chicken nuggets) and loves to play tennis and poker.