Player Profile

There aren’t that many high school students who already know exactly what they want to do with their career plans after they graduate from college. Let’s take Kurt Sporer who plays defense for Rancocas Valley’s ice hockey team. He already knows he wants to be in the scientific study of the past material culture, better known as archeology. Kurt uses that passion of solving great puzzles of the past when competing against his opponents on the ice. He’s one of the two seniors on the team and he names Pierre-Marc Bouchard from the Minnesota Wild as his favorite NHL player.

There has been many ice hockey moments Kurt has experienced but scoring his first hat trick is right at the top of his list. He does remember sitting out with a broken wrist being his worst ice hockey moment. One rule Kurt would like to see changed is to allow touch up on an icing call. This change would allow the opposing team the opportunity to have the icing waived off. The team he looks forward to playing is the league leading Renegades from Shawnee.

Kurt is a person who likes to listen to alternative music, eat Italian food and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is his favorite movie. His father is the person he admires the most and would like to extend his high school ice hockey post season as long as he can. As mentioned earlier, he wants to major in a subject that deals with history when he attends college. When he graduates, he wants to continue the study of archeology, anthropology or even teaching history as his career plans.