Player Profile

The student profiles provide an avenue to get to know the players off the ice. Mike Lamplugh is hockey player that has a life outside of ice hockey just like all of the players in the league. Mike plays defense for the Braves from Williamstown and has been known to send opposing players into the boards with a hard check. But what you may not have known is that he plays lead guitar in a heavy metal band call Shadow Rose. Needless to say he loves to listen to heavy metal music and Iron Maiden is his favorite group.

This hard hitting defenseman who names Scotty Upshaw as his favorite NHL player lists being named the captain of the Williamstown Braves as his best hockey moment. His worst moments are the countless number of scars and injuries he suffered over his hockey career. The team he looks forward to play against would be Washington Township. His response to the one rule change he would like to see, “I would like to see all games video taped by the league, so suspensions can be reviewed and their can be monitoring of the referees”.

Parents play a key role in not only supporting their young adults’ decision to play ice hockey but also they give up their time by filling up the stands cheering on their team. Mike admires his mother for all she has done. Mike’s favorite food is creamed chipped beef and list Old School as his favorite movie to watch. He plans to finish college in five years and believes he will be starting his career at that time. He already knows that becoming a land surveyor is one of his career plans when he completes his education.