Player Profile

The Delran Bears have won quite a few big games during the end of the season that will be helpful at the start of the postseason. Sean Sowney plays left wing for the Bears and is one of the reasons they have won a lot of games this season. “I think the main reason that Delran’s season has gone well is because of the success of Sean”, mentioned Coach Brian Caputo. “Although Sean scored a lot for the team he wasn’t a selfish player, he would always look for the open man and tried to create scoring opportunities every time he had the puck. Also, everyone on the team loves his style and his passion to play the game and they all thrive off that when Sean scores a big goal in a game.”

Sean is an avid sports fan who loves watching both college and professional sports. He admires Mike Richards of the Philadelphia Flyers for his leadership abilities and the way he plays. His favorite NHL player is Alexander Ovechkin because of his passion for the game and the results is shown by the way he plays and how he can put the puck in the net. When we asked Coach Caputo how has Sean’s passion and ability has helped his team, “Sean’s ability to overtake a game is simply amazing. When ever we needed a big goal in a game Sean would always come up to me and say ‘Coach put me out there, I can do this.’ And surely enough he got the job done.” Sean added, “I love the game of hockey. I am motivated by the game itself. In addition to playing ice hockey, I also play roller hockey in my spare time.”

When asked about the best hockey moment, winning the gold medal in Lake Placid with his club team, junior Phantoms, and winning the scoring title this year in Tier II high school hockey topped the list. Now for Sean’s worst hockey moment was losing the state championship in double overtime with his club team. “I think Sean’s biggest accomplishments on the ice this year is him winning the Scoring title in the Varsity Tier II,” stated Coach Caputo. “He simply was able to take over a game whenever he wanted to and to me that’s a huge accomplishment. As far as off ice accomplishments goes, he was a big team leader and kept the team upbeat not matter what the outcome of a game was.“

You can find Sean on the ice 6 out of 7 days a week playing for his club team or for the Bears. He’s also a skate guard at the Flyers SkateZone in Pennsauken. With that much time spent on the ice, it gives Sean a lot of time to prepare for a game. During the summer, he also participates in off-ice conditioning to stay in shape. Sean wants to go to college and major in Sports Management. He plans on playing college hockey locally so that his family can watch him play. But his ultimate job would be to work for one of the Philadelphia’s professional sports team.

Family is important to most of the players in the league and Sean recognizes there commitment as well. “My parents have always supported me playing hockey and are at every game no matter what time or where. We usually spend most of our weekends traveling between hockey rinks but they seem to enjoy it as much as I do. My younger sister Kelly, on the other hand, is getting a little tired of attending all of my games.” Sean enjoys hanging out with his friends and his girlfriend Chelsey and enjoys going out to eat. His favorite food is chicken parmesan and boost slushies and his favorite movie is 300.