Player Profile

When you are a fan of a particular sport, it’s hard not to notice when a team comes together fundamentally and starts winning a lot of games. Usually there are a number of reasons contributing to the team’s recent success. Torin Lawson plays center for the Eastern Vikings ice hockey team and is one of many reasons their team is amongst the leaders of the Tier II standings. Torin is a senior and is leading the way in helping his team turn things around after losing their first six games of the season. With his speed and stick handling abilities, just like his favorite NHL player Sidney Crosby, Torin has the ability to change the momentum of a game with a nice cross-ice pass or a blazing slap shot from the point.

We asked Eastern Coach Locke about Torin’s skating ability on the ice and how it has helped the team, this is what he had to say. “Obviously the skill Torin poses is a key reason to the Vikings playing their best hockey. As I am sure Torin would agree he needs his teammates to accomplish the things he does on the ice. However, I would say his speed and his ability to put the puck in the net are some of his key skills.” Torin obtained his skating style through countless number of practices and playing hockey. During the off season, he improves on his skills through conditioning and training.

Coach Locke continued to mention Torin’s accomplishments. “On the Ice, he leads by example, scores goals at big moments to change momentum, and has that big crushing hit when it is needed. Off the ice, he is the teammate that everyone goes too for advice and that everyone looks at to leadership which is why he is our captain. He controls the locker room and when he speaks they all listen.”

Eastern has been playing extremely well after having a slow start. What happened? “The team turned around their season”, mentioned Coach Locke. “They decide they did not want to lose anymore. After the loss to Seneca 7-6, enough was enough. They finally decide to play as a team. I would love to tell you it is the coaching but it is all about the players looking deep within themselves and bringing the grit, determination and drive to the forefront.” Torin added, “Our season turned around when our goalies started playing amazing games. Everyone got siked and was working really hard to get that first win. Then after that win, our team has had so much confidence and has been on a winning streak that will not be broken.”

Torin is that person who loves sushi, playing the guitar, likes to dance and watches his favorite movie Super Bad or listens to Dave Matthews during his spare time. He remembers winning the Lake Placid Tournament as his best hockey moment but his worst hockey moment has to be when his pants fell down while playing in a game as a Pee Wee at the age of twelve. He really admires his father and his career plans would be in business management after attending University of Maryland in getting that degree. Torin enjoys the support from his parents in his decision to play hockey and they are there at every game cheering him on. “My motivation for playing hockey is the love for the sport. Everything about it is absolutely phenomenal.” Enough said.