If you ever attended any of the games played by Rancocas Valley, you would find Mike Walsh somewhere around the puck. The senior center for the Red Devils has had a very successful regular season putting points on the scoreboard for his team. Mike is not one of the biggest guys out there on the ice, but he’s fast and can put the puck in the net just like his favorite NHL player Mike Richards. This season, Mike led the league with 52 goals and set a new record in breaking the previous high of 51 goals scored by GR Smith from Eastern during the 1996-97 season. Mike also led the league this year with 85 total points, fourth all-time high in the SJHSIHL and was selected to this year's All-Star game.

“I have watched other players that use their speed to their advantage and I have worked to be one of the fastest skaters and use it in the game”, said Mike when asked about his skating skills. He is all about helping his team win games. “My motivation for playing has to be the players. Mostly because it is a team game and we all need to work together and do our part to be successful.” Mike continued, “The best characteristic of our team is our team play. Everyone works together and we don’t have any individual players on our team.”

Mike has received a lot of attention from other players and fans this year because of his scoring success and his parents have supported him in his decision to play hockey. He gives his parents the credit for pushing him into being a better player. You will find his parents in the stands at all of his games. “Shawnee would have to be the team I look forward to playing against. Since my freshman year on varsity, we have never been able to beat them.” Mike has enjoyed that best moment when his junior Phantoms Midget Minor AA travel team went to the Nationals last year and placed third, but his worst moment was losing in the semi-finals of the Nationals.

It seems as if the one rule change that is popular by the players and that rule change would be the icing call. “You should have to touch the puck for it to be icing instead of the automatic icing.” When he’s not playing hockey, you might find Mike listening to rap and rock music, enjoying the movie “Mystery Alaska” or eating a nice filet mignon steak or chicken fingers during dinner time. Mike plans to make a lot of money as a successful businessman in about 5 years.