If you were to read the coverage on our site, you would get the false impression that the Braves from Williamstown were getting out-played on the ice and had little chance of advancing through the playoffs. But when you take a closer look, Williamstown would play well during the post season when it counted. That success was a result of good leadership and a team coming together when they were faced with being eliminated from the playoffs. One of those leaders just happened to be Dominic Carusone. “When being named the captain of my team, it’s my responsibility it gets everyone ready to play. My teammates are the ones who are out there with me giving it their all. Doing whatever it takes to win”, mentioned the right winger. “My biggest motivation on the ice IS my players.”

Dominic, who describes his team’s best characteristic is their youth, believes that their determination to win is a learning experience and an asset. “I can’t speak for myself but the majority of the team is underclassmen and when they’re all seniors they will be a great team.” Williamstown, after losing their first round matchup in the playoffs, were considered the underdog through the elimination round. They would win their next two games which set up a match-up Dominic would enjoy. “The one team I always look forward to playing is definitely Washington Township. They’re skilled playing and their good teamwork makes them always a challenge and a fun game to look forward to.” Williamstown would be eliminated by the number one seed of the playoffs.

The Braves would have support from their fans at that game, but Dominic only needs to know that two people are in the stands for those big games. “I could care less how many people are in the stands during the big game. It never really affects my play and the only people I need in the stands are my parents.” Family support is important to Dominic who wears the jersey number of his favorite NHL retired player John LeClair. “My family is very important to me. I have two older brothers and two older sisters and I am the youngest of five. Both my brothers have played hockey and one of my sisters. My brother AJ and I are the only ones who played ice hockey. My family really supports my playing hockey because during my tenth grade year, my brother and I played on the Braves varsity team. My parents really enjoyed watching us play together.”

When we ask the players about how important their parents are to them, each one of them always appreciate the dedication and support they give them. “The people I admire the most are both my parents. I couldn’t pick between them if I had to. I admire them the most because when I was seven and told them I wanted to start playing street hockey, they signed me up without any questions asked. They sat through many seasons through the rough winter, cold freezing half to death only cause they knew it made me happy to play and they enjoyed watching me play.”

The best hockey moment for Dominic was when his junior varsity team defeated Delran in the championship and he was able to celebrate his that victory as a tenth grader. “I’ll never forget it. But my worst hockey moment and a moment I will never forget is when I was in eighth grade and our middle school team lost in the championship to Lenape 2-1 in double overtime. Just watching them all celebrate jumping all over each other.”

Dominic plans to attend Rutgers University in Camden and get his degree in law. He’s describes himself as just a regular kid who likes to hang out with his friends and chase the girls. His favorite music is listening to the lyrical genius Lil Wayne while enjoying his favorite Italian food. And for his top all-time favorite movies, that would be the Hangover and Step Brothers. “Once the power went out in my house and when it turned back on the Comcast box got messed up and change everything to subtitles. I watched Step Brothers so many times I basically know the movie word for word.”