When we asked the coaches in the league to submit players in their senior year to participate in our player profile, Coach Eric Lion did not hesitate naming John Czarnick as the type of young man that his peers should look up to. John is one of the leaders on the Rancocas Valley Red Devils and is a solid player who scores and sets up his teammates just like his favorite NHL player Mike Richards from the Philadelphia Flyers. His toughness and determination to win is a prime example for the team. John is willing to do whatever it takes to help his team win and that sometimes involve laying a solid check to force a turnover.

“John's ability on the ice is a great asset to our club. He is without a doubt the best complete two way player that we have and that I have seen on other teams.” Coach Lion continues. “He has an uncanny ability to anticipate and react to on ice situations that puts the puck at or near his stick at all times. He is rarely outworked on the ice by an opponent. As you know this type of play is contagious to the other players on the team. They all seem to feed off John's play and try to emulate him.”

Hard work during those hockey camps helped John with his hockey skills. “I watch other players and see how effective their speed is, and how successful they are because of it, so I try and be the same way.” That workout and conditioning includes strengthen his lower body with quad lifts, quad press, squats and sprints. Because of his conditioning, John was able to cover quickly from a couple of injuries. “I suffered a knee injury during my sophomore year, which sidelined me from hockey for a couple of months, but I rebounded quickly.” His worst hockey moment just happened to be separating his shoulder and losing the NJ State playoffs. His best hockey moment was the joy of winning the gold medal in Lake Placid and capturing the NJ State playoffs.

The support of his family and friends are very important to John. “My parents have always motivated, supported and pushed me to get better.” You would find his parents, friends and his girlfriend in the stands whenever there’s that most-see game. And whenever that time comes when he needs some motivation, “The coaches, players, and fans pump me up. Mainly the players do because we’re a team and were all in it together and we all have to be motivated to perform well as a team. We’re hard working despite the little amount of players we have. We also have an explosive offense.”

“John is a very mature young gentleman and is a pleasure to both coach and just be around,” mentioned Coach Lion. “He is the type of player that every coach loves, one that gives you everything he has and never complains. No matter what assignment we give him he is up to the task.” John’s parents, especially his dad has been a major reason Coach Lion feels that way. “My dad is a good role model and I look up to him. I grew up watching and playing hockey because of him. He taught me how to play the game.” Wow, and John is a triplet! Way to go dad!

Needless to say, John enjoys the game of hockey, especially against the Chiefs. “I look forward to playing Cherokee because I have friends on the team, and they are good competitive games that I enjoy.” But there’s one rule change John would like to make and that is for the refs to call more hooking penalties just like they do in the NHL.

“John's future is bright and can see his ability taking him to the next level of hockey as well. His determination will make him a great asset to whatever career he chooses,” said Coach Lion. That future would include John plans in going to college and becoming a Physical Therapist.