In order to take on the task of being a goaltender at any level of ice hockey, you have to have the right mindset and attitude to defend your team’s net especially when five sometimes six opposing players are constantly firing pucks your way. For Kevin Roth, he wouldn’t have it any other way. The senior goalie from Cinnaminson does whatever it takes to help his team win because he really enjoys the game. “The first time I stepped on the ice, I never thought I would have the chance to play and when I did, I was the happiest kid alive.” That attitude along with making saves on the ice is also carried over to saving peoples’ lives. Kevin is a volunteer firefighter for the Cinnaminson fire department and plans to make a career out of saving lives and being a school teacher.

It’s all business when Kevin suits up for each game. During pre-game warm-ups, Kevin can be found mostly at center ice preparing himself mentally for the game going through his routine. “I really get motivated for a game when the other teams’ fans heckle me. I play a lot better because of the look on their faces when their team loses…priceless”. When asked about his favorite NHL player, here’s his response. “I am a die-hard Flyers fan and this is no way a compliment to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Marc-Andre Fleury because he goes hard, never gives up on a shot and he really knows how to silence an entire city.”

Kevin’s success on the ice has been recognized by the league and he was selected to participate in the 2009-10 Junior-Senior Showcase (formally known as the All-Star game). Kevin’s mom will definitely attend that game as well as others. “My Mother has been my biggest supporter. She knew it was my dream to play ice hockey, and when the opportunity presented itself, she sacrificed a lot of her time and money to let me play. I am so grateful for that.” His brother Steve, his dad and his grandfather also have been there for Kevin. Even when they can’t make it to a game, they’re always asking about it.

Most every player has that game that they marked on their calendar anticipating that moment when they can compete. “The Delran Bears…Besides the fact that they are our biggest rival, and I hate everything about them (on the ice), they always play with heart and give it their all.” Kevin’s friends from the fire department are the people he expected to be in the stands when he competes on that big game. “I want them there because when I make a mistake, I will never here the end of it.”

Cinnaminson success during the season has given the Pirates a first round bye. That achievement was only obtained because of a team effort. “Our team is like a family. We stick up for each other no matter what, and that is what makes a great hockey team.” A lot of credit also has to go to one of his coaches. “My goalie coach, Doug Mackie, has been teaching and supporting me on and off the ice since the beginning (Thanks Doug).”

Kevin is that person who loves those Wawa hoagies, sushi, chinks steaks and anything his dad makes. He enjoys the movies Funny People, Cars, Ladder 49, Fight Club and Inside Man. His favorite music groups are Explosions in the Sky, God Is an Astronaut, The Black Mirage, Under Oath, Sage Francis, Rise Against, and Slightly Stoopid. He would like to see one rule change made in the league. “Fighting should be allowed; to an extent. It would make the games a lot more intense and rid the league of cheap shots and parking lot brawls.” With that said, Kevin has one more thing to say. “Here are some words of advice for underclassmen. Enjoy High School hockey while you can. It was over before I even thought it started.”