It has been a very impressive season for Sean Fleming during his final year of the 2009-10 SJHSIHL. The left winger has put up some enormous numbers on the stats sheet for the Rancocas Valley Red Devils. His work ethics on the ice follows the style of the New Jersey Devils’ Zach Parise whose hard work and leadership also resulted in goals scored and recording assists. Sean believes that he must do whatever he can to help his team win and his commitment to winning has resulted in setting some new records in the league. But before we really get into the season Sean has been having in his senior year, let’s go over what his accomplished during his junior year.

During the 2008-09 season, Rancocas Valley was one of those teams that surprised a lot of people with the success they were having in winning those big games. The Red Devils were eventually rewarded with an invite to the Flyers’ Cup. Sean’s presence on the ice had a lot to do with his team’s success. Last year he broke the league record in assists with 58 and helped his teammate Mike Walsh set the new record in goals scored with 52. We ask Sean about his best moment so far about being on the team. ”My whole junior year season was a great experience, and a year I will never forget playing with close friends and having the team finish towards the top of the league.”

“Sean is one of the best players I have ever coached,” said Coach Eric Lion. “His abilities on the ice are outstanding. He has a great feel for the game and is not just concerned with scoring goals as many young players are today. Sean will do whatever the team needs to be done. His desire is contagious for the entire team and can inspire greatness in others. He is the classic makes everyone else on the ice with him better. His leadership as our Captain is also to be admired. He is vocal when he needs to be and plays the game the way it should be played as an example for the others.”

With the regular season coming to an end, Sean has already set personal best as well as break a few league records. He has scored 17 more goals than he scored in his junior year and his assists have also increased. At the time this profile was written, Sean recorded 51 goals and 50 assists and set an new record in total points surpassing Eastern’s Sean Sullivan longtime high of 95 points. When asked about his team’s success, “We never give up. Playing a majority of our games this year with only 8 or 9 skaters, we've played almost all of our games tough and to close scores, and even when we get behind, we ignore the fatigue and battle back.”

Coach Lion had this to say about Sean’s accomplishments. “He has been at the top of the scoring for the entire league for the last two years which is a testimony to his ability. With between eight and nine players on the entire team he cannot hide from the other teams who know him and want nothing more to stop him but he still is able to provide the scoring. I would say that for a young man with a target on his back as one of a few players on our team to stop, his will to perform takes him above and beyond.”

Sean gets a lot of support from his family, especially his dad. “I grew up watching my dad and brother play, so I was raised in a hockey-filled house. They watch and support me every game they can. I admire my dad the most because I want to grow up to give my family a life like the one he has given me.”

You can find his family in the stands especially during those big games. “I look forward to playing Cherokee most. I have never beaten them in 4 years, and with one more chance to do so this year, I am looking forward for the chance to knock them off.”

We asked Coach Lion the question about Sean’s future. “I see Sean's future as bright and I'm sure he will be able to play at the next level with his skill set. With his intelligence and discipline there is no doubt that he will be able to flourish in whatever career field he chooses.”

Sean plans to attend Rider University or West Chester University and major in Business Management and minor in Sports Management. During his spare time, he likes all kinds of music but his favorite band has been a little known punk rock group called A Day to Remember.