Born out of a creative desire to help local musicians instill some "life-blood" into the East Coast's original rock-music scene, Philly-natives SUPERTRIPP are helping to carry the torch for local original power-pop. This newest incarnation of hi-energy guitar driven rock-riffs is maintaining the fun dimension in the genre, incorporating infectious catchiness and hard-knock hooks.

"...All American Rejects meets Foo-Fighters?"
 The CD definately offers a refeshing alternative to the industry's usual attempts at cloning and marketing past successes. One thing is certain: A listen to "Everywhere" and "Hard to Say", and you will easily fall victim to the common side effects of the music of Supertripp; humming-away to the songs in your head LONG after exposure!

"Supertripp is a power-pop quartet from Philadelphia, PA. The demo-CD offers a most comprehensive collection of radio-ready power-pop. Here to rescue you from the cold, dark recesses of corporate-molded "sensations" is a refreshing and hard-hitting CD's worth of music!!!..."

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Award Winners 2008