Skate Against The Wings of Steel

The Wings Of Steel would like to know if your team would be interested in playing the Wings Sled Hockey team. Your players would play the game in sleds which we would provide.

It is a great way to expose your players and parents to the world of disabilities and at the same time teach your kids what it is like to be disabled for an hour and a half while our kids are disabled 24/7. It is also a great way to bring your kids together as a team bonding activity.

The Wings play various able body teams, High Schools, Midget/Bantam teams to raise money for their team. All of our disabled players play hockey at no charge. 100% of what we raise in funds goes directly back to the Wings team. None of our staff gets paid. They are all volunteers.

Normally we ask that when we play a team they make a minimum donation to the Wings Of Steel ($575.00) to cover the cost of a new sled and sticks for another disabled youngster. This is not a requirement to play the Wings Of Steel, just a request if the game could made into a fund-raiser. Most of the time teams really get behind this and do other fund-raisers (gate charge, 50-/50, chuck-a-puck, silent auction, car washes, bake sales, etc.) and they donate more than the minimum.

You would be responsible to secure a minimum of at least one hour of ice (normally we get 1 hr. 20-30 minute slots). Most times teams use one of their practice slots. We will provide the referees.

As soon as we agree on a time and place we can send you promotional pieces to promote the game.

Your kids will wear full equipment (including cup, socks, shoulder and elbow pads) except they will wear gym shorts instead of hockey pants as they have to fit into a sled. They will also wear gym shoes instead of skates.

We will have our full staff there before the game to fit your players into a sled.

Think about it. Pretty simple.

Please let me know if you wish to play the Wings Of Steel so we can schedule a date and time.

Take care,

Tom Brake
Head Coach
Wings Of Steel